Capturing Human Movement and Biomechanical Data

Biomechanical and human movement data is captured and used by elite sporting teams, performance centres, research institutes and private practitioners to screen, train, monitor and rehabilitate individuals.

HumanTrak is an innovative movement analysis system. HumanTrak is unique in that it fuses data collected from both a 3D Kinect camera and IMU sensors located on the body. By fusing both camera and IMU sensor data, this enables the data to be captured at 100 frames per second (FPS).

The fusion of the data occurs in real-time which allows live feedback of an individual’s joint forces, power, range of motion and imbalances. Combined with the real-time data fusion, instantaneous reporting means decisions can be made and actioned immediately after the data collection.


The only Kinect and IMU Combined Motion Capture System

HumanTrak’s sensors and software merge data sets while tracking the user’s full body movements. Position, acceleration and orientation are captured to calculate power, joint force, range of motion, balances and alignments.

HumanTrak requires only 4 sensors and reports in real-time with no specialist qualifications required to operate the system. The ease-of-use and efficiency expands data capturing capabilities without being a burden on time and resources.

Valuable Data

Valuable Data

  • Objective, comparable and comprehensive data of an individual’s movement capabilities and biomechanics
  • Data captured includes full body: positions, balances, alignments, joint reaction forces, power, angular velocity, range of motion, ground reaction forces
  • Immediate summary PDF reports and CSV download capabilities
  • Secure cloud based data storage
  • Tests can be created to match current protocols and report on specific measures
  • Capability to provide CSV data stream of all data points

Why HumanTrak?


Portable and easy to set up, tests take minutes and reporting is instantaneous

Comprehensive Data

Access to full body  positions, balances, alignments, joint reaction forces, power, angular velocity, range of motion, ground reaction forces

Longitudinal Tracking

Comparable, reliable data to track regression or progression longitudinally  

Decision Making

Enhance decision making with access to a broader range of real-time objective and reliable data

Injury Screening

Compare data against known injury risk markers

Highlight Imbalances

Provide data that can highlight postural imbalances and weight bearing asymmetry


Technical Validation

Positions – validated against the gold-standard Vicon and MicroScribe digitizer device.
Ground Reaction Forces – validated against Kistler force plates.
Joint Forces – validated against Vicon system
Inter and Intra-rater reliability studies have been published and performed at Prince of Wales Hospital.

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The Technology

The gold-standard for collecting human movement and biomechanical data is a biomechanics lab. Biomechanics labs are often expensive, time consuming, difficult to access and require specialist skills to operate. To overcome the shortcomings of collecting data in biomechanics labs, there has been a push towards field-based solutions such as Kinect-only systems or sensor-only systems.

Whilst each of these solutions have partially solved the problem, a group of Professors at a university in the UK set out to find a more accurate and comprehensive field-based solution. Despite a review of the commercially available systems, no system on the market was able to provide the researchers with clinical level accuracy and also efficient enough to use in a large-scale clinical studies.

From this, the professors set out to develop their own field-based biomechanics lab solution and so, HumanTrak, was formed. A lab-grade technology that provides results that are reliable and comparable and easy to use in the clinic.

HumanTrak works with wireless inertial sensors and optical sensors with the following specifications:

  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • 3 Axis Gyroscope
  • Radio Frequency
  • Microsoft Kinect Camera
  • Customised Laptop